Website Designing

Website is a collection of various pages written in HTML markup language. This is a location on the web where people can find about you and your company and your product. Similarly, there are millions of websites available on the web.Each page available on the website is called a web page and to make attractive that page is called web design or website design.

When a designer conceives a chair, the designer needs to think about the technical requirements, the products aesthetic appearance and the ease of use for the user: If the final object is superb but no one can sit on it, the designer didn't conceive a chair but just a piece of art. If the chair is the most comfortable in the world but it looks like a torture device to sit on it, who would even try it? The chair that is designed must have a coherent look and feel: it should offer a positive experience to its users. For a chair like for the Web, Designing is conceiving a product for its users. It is a process where technical constraints, aesthetic and usability meet in order to serve a purpose for its targets. Design must focus on existing and future users. Designing for the WEB is not just about graphics/aesthetics, rather it applies to all the overarching work going towards ensuring that the Web project meets its purpose for its target audience.